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Jason Parrish
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My stories explore the darker, more macabre aspects of our world, both seen and unseen. They often delve into the spiritual realm and reflect my fascination with the human psyche, good versus evil, and the supernatural. Years of small-town southern living bleed into my characters and onto the pages they haunt. I love killer first lines. Jarring plot twists and hidden meanings also make me smile. Sprinkle in a pinch of poetry and you get a unique blend I hope some of you enjoy. - JP

Darkness Watches a novel by Jason Parrish
Parasite, a novel by Jason Parrish
A Piper's Song Collection Cover
Author Jason Parrish
One Star Review- Amazon

DISCLAIMER: I write about sad and scary things. 

AI art by Jason Parrish author
AI art by Jason Parrish author
AI art by Jason Parrish author
AI art by Jason Parrish author

"I am the one who whispers words in your head. Can't hear me here? I'll catch you in bed. We'll talk in your dreams as my sentences take hold. My brush? My lead. My canvas? Your soul."

Art, based on prose from the poem, "Ghost Story", generated by artificial intelligence.

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