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"Hey, what are you doing in here?"

It’s my mind.

“But who are you?”

I'm Me.

“You mean I’m two?”

Nope. You’re Two. I’m Me.

“So, you and me are we?”

No, you are part of Me. You're Two. I know it’s hard, but we go through this every night. You are the guard, who they see. You need to get it right.

“But I look in the mirror and wonder, who is he?”

He’s Three and he’s with Me. Shy. Good guy. Get on your nerves, always wondering why…just his way. Three’s quiet, you’ll see. Not a problem for you, Two. He’s easy.

“How so?”

Three listens but usually doesn’t say. Keeps his distance from everyone but Me and a few. It’s just his way. Let him be. It’s okay.

(knock, knock, knock)

“Is it Three?”

No, it’s not. Three’s already here with Me.

Please don’t drag me into it.

See, there’s Three. Now, are you going to answer the door? This next one is anything but a bore.

“Oh, God. No more.”

You've got to ignore the roar. Four's a handful but he's smart.

“I’m smart.”

Me too. Even smarter than you, but Four thinks in ways you can’t comprehend. Two, you could never see his view.

“Says you.”

Yes, says Me. Filtering Four is a full-time chore. I promise, you should answer the door. He wouldn’t have knocked if it weren’t for Me. He’s not like Three. Four can be loud in a crowd. Easy to spot. Too proud. He blows in, chaos spins ‘round. Don’t focus on the storm, just let him walk in the eye. He was born with the gift, a view of the whirlwind from inside. He’s always there, behind the curtains, rain or shine, pain or wine. Four’s not always right, nor his ideas always bright. Left alone, without you or Me, he’ll wander outside the eye and into the swirling sea of debris. But he loves to write and left alone, focused, in the zone, the world slows down and he goes quiet. Let him be, it’s his rite. Round and round we go. Left then right. Lay down and die or throw a punch and fight. Just remember to reign him in before the dark clouds rise. You or Three couldn’t handle Four if it weren’t for Me.

Again, really not interested in your drama.


Better. Now, back to Four. Are you going to answer the door?

“Do I have a choice?”

Always. You are the voice.

“I think I’ve got it…this time for sure.”

No worries, just learn your peers. You’ve known them for years. You control what They see.

“Okay, I’ll open the door.”

Don’t bother.

“Who said that?”


“He’s here?”

Running free.

“Who let him in?”


“I got it. It’s just hard.”

I know big guy, but you better suck it up and try.


This next one is not a joke. You better look alive.

“Please no.”

Welcome number Five.

…Jason P.

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