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Real Life Characters: Four's Show and Tell

Who thinks a library is the perfect place to tell a story?

We do...Me, Four, and the photographer. I took a look in the mirror, and she caught the shots. So, let's take a peek at a late night session and catch a glimpse into the eye of the storm. I'll introduce the cast as Four starts to form.

You might already know Two. He's the one I wear around town. Sometimes the mask gets heavy, and I'm not going to lie, part of Me is afraid it will slip down.

Jason Parrish
Four Coming Into Focus

"That's right! Keep our mask held tight. If it slips they'll see our scars. What if they don't like who we really are?"

Three said that. I could introduce you, but he wouldn't like it. In short, he's part of Me. Awkward introvert who would rather stay quiet. He's worried if we let them in, they might see.

"That's the point JP! Get over it. We need them to see. Don't you want to be free?" That's Five. He and Three usually disagree.

"But why?" (back to Three).

"You wear me out. Get your whine-ass out of my face."

Both of you chill, let Me take this. It's because I am Daniel and know The Darkness well. I am also Cole, searching for myself. Funny though, I'm James, trapped in his cell. I'm certainly not Blick, except we both bled...and maybe both a little touched in the head. The similarities end there though. He's the one who's dead. I also know Alton, which means I know Al. We go way back. I used to think he was my pal. Add him to Four and Five, and the chaos they create makes me wonder how long I'll survive. Prefer a different combo? Pair Five with Three and you'll get a real-life version of Willy. Yeah, you don't have to tell Me, the math gets tricky.

What's the point? It's not hidden if you have the key. My stories are parts of Me.

Now we're back to Four, the one who called this meeting. He's a different kind...elevated thoughts, his species doesn't need seating. He's the reason I write. He's the reason I don't sleep at night. He keeps Five from killing Three, but sometimes won't listen to Me.

See Four...he'll blow your mind. His words explode as prose. His whirlwind throws straight lines.

Jason Parrish
Four setting up for tonight's meeting

Crazy, I know, but some of you will understand. A blessing. A curse. Yesterday he made things better. Today, he made them worse. When he's on, he has no brakes. When he's off, we make lots of mistakes. Full go, except when he's low. We love the peace, but we hate the slow. Twirling in the madness, back and forth we go.

Jason Parrish
Four calling the meeting to order

Ugh...Four's getting impatient, not his best trait. When he's running free, he does not like to wait. His dark clouds gather, and the winds change direction. So, kick back and observe as he starts tonight's session.

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